We can’t wait for the current crop of politicians to work together – we need to put out the fire of partisanal politics in Ottawa and get to work for our citizens.

I’m looking to do politics differently. Working together with all parties, levels of government, just as we do in our daily lives to make difficult decisions to get things done. No excuses. No rhetoric.   

Greens are not a one issue party, we stand for decisive climate action, a diverse 21st century economy, true democracy and progressive social programs.

We have a plan to solve the climate crisis and grow our economy – not just for the next election cycle, but for the next 40 years. 


Do you stand with us?


Decisive climate action.

Canada needs to take a global role in climate leadership. It’s the only way forward for our children, for our planet, for our future.


A diverse, 21st century economy.

Together, we’ll create good, stable jobs and reshape the economy. We’ll support small businesses, invest in green energy and build smart city infrastructure.


True democracy.

We need an electoral system that takes our priorities to Parliament. We need proportional representation, where there’s equal value on every vote.


Progressive social programs.

Ending systemic poverty means rethinking the system. We need to modernize our social safety nets by adopting a Universal Basic Income, Pharmacare and an adaptive National Housing Strategy.