Stefan’s family of four immigrated to Canada from their native Germany in 1993. They initially lived for five years in Prince Edward County before moving to the area, first to Caledon, now residing in Mono.

Moving to Canada, he became a serial entrepreneur: First an advertising company in Kitchener and Danbury, CT, then manufacturing consumer goods, a solar company under the auspices of the Ontario FIT Program (shame on you Liberals for killing that business) and finally his Guelph-based business in digital marketing, which he shares with two partners. Like Stefan as a person, the company is very “open and inclusive” oriented, being a B-Corp (enshrined respect for the environment, employees, community) and entertaining an ESOP (employee stock ownership).

Celebrating multiculturalism in Guelph. Green friend MPP Mike Schreiner pictured in centre.

Celebrating multiculturalism in Guelph. Green friend MPP Mike Schreiner pictured in centre.

Community volunteer engagement is in Stefan’s blood. For years, he was treasurer of the Orangeville BIA (downtown business association), chairman of the Guelph Chamber of Commerce and currently treasurer of the Career Education Council of Guelph-Wellington-Dufferin.

His daughter, Laura Campbell, is well known in our region as Green Candidate during the 2018 Provincial election and owner of a popular restaurant in Orangeville. She has two young children that are Stefan’s motivation to run for this office. He wants to put all efforts of the rest of his life to save their planet. His younger daughter has his entrepreneurial DNA and owns an artist collaborative business in Toronto together with her partner.

Stefan interviewing Premier of State of Saarland.

Stefan interviewing Premier of State of Saarland.

In his youth, Stefan was editor-in-chief of Germany’s largest political student newspaper and youth-leader with the CDU, the party of Germany’s chancellor Angela Merkel. In his early professional years, he worked in Germany, France and Michigan after an education in banking and business administration.


He loves his vintage car and bike. Yes, these are machines recycled, restored and diverted from the landfill:)

What it means to me to be green

Being Green means much more to me than protecting the environment or fighting the climate crisis. Actually, the planet will be fine for another billion years. It is the people and other creatures that will not. So my compassion for people is what it means to be green for me. That of course starts with environmental protection because the climate crises overarches everything. Equally, we can work towards social justice every day, practice tolerance, help and trust each other and work towards a modern society in which everyone can pursue their happiness. Green is the colour of hope for that.


We are at the brink of the 4th industrial revolution, and every single Canadian will feel the benefits of the clean tech sector if we have a government willing to capture that opportunity.

In the upcoming election, I ask for your support to protect our diverse Dufferin-Caledon mix of rural and urban communities, address the climate crisis and grow our economy.
— Stefan Wiesen Dufferin-Caledon Green Party Candidate