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If we’re really going to win the hearts and votes of Dufferin-Caledon residents this election, we need the right tools to keep pace with the other parties.

Our party is funded by grassroots supporters like you who chip in what they can, when they can.  Please consider a donation to put us on track for a breakthrough this election year and send more Greens to Ottawa!


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Only individual Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada can donate to a political party. No corporate, union or society cheques are allowed. You must provide your full address. This is required by Elections Canada for every donation over $20.

  1. The total annual donation limit to a political party is $3,200:  $1600* maximum to a central party and another $1600 in total to Dufferin-Caledon Green Party and/or to the Stefan Wiesen Campaign .

  2. There are generous tax rebates. A $400 donation only costs $100 when you receive the $300 rebate directly off your taxes. A $100 donation actually costs the person $25 after taxes…the cost of a pizza and beer.

  3. You must provide your full contact information, including your address to donate. Donations can be made by cheque or paypal, no cash donations over $20 can be accepted. A tax receipt will be issued by the Financial Administrator.